Refactoring support


Has the refactoring support changed in the Code with Me client since the EAP version of the product? I can't be sure but I thought there used to be more options available, such as extract method, but these don't seem to be in the code with me client at the moment. Are there any plans to increase the refactoring support in the Code with Me client any time soon? This is a major feature for us and may influence our decision whether or not to purchase enterprise licenses.



Can you please clarify what feature is missing and for what language?

We are currently working on delivering the refactoring features to the client’s side, please follow the issue for it:

Thank you 


Thanks Olga, I'll take a look at that issue. The language I'm using most is Java and the refactorings that are missing in the client are anything beyond the basics, such as extract method, extract class, etc.


Hello, yes these features are currently missing in the 2021.2 version, we are expecting some more refactorings to be available in the plugin bundled with v2021.3.


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